Program Curriculum

The Emerge Responsible Fatherhood Program follows a 12-session group curriculum adapted from the Caring Dads curriculum that was originally developed by the Changing Ways abuser education program. The goals of the curriculum are to increase fathers’ awareness of children’s needs at different ages, to give fathers skills to become better parents, and to help fathers become more responsible co-parents with the mothers of the children.

The twelve lessons include:

1. What we’ve learned about parenting from our fathers
2. Knowing your child? (Quiz)
3. Positive parenting skills, Part 1
4. Positive parenting skills, Part 2
5. Children’s developmental abilities at various ages
6. Setting a positive example for children in supporting the children’s mother
7. Your parenting style and its effects on children
8. Recognizing the differences between abuse, punishment and discipline
9. Child management strategies
10. Child neglect and deprivation
11. Identifying how children are affected by domestic violence
12. What have you learned about your children?

For more information about the original Caring Dads curriculum, please visit the Caring Dads site.