Abuser Education

During our abuser education groups, we examine the harmful behavior that abusers have chosen throughout their relationships in order to improve their relationships with others.

This section of our website is dedicated to outlining what happens in Emerge group sessions, how to enroll, specific group rules and information as well as our hopes for people who come for services.

Emerge is one of 17 certified programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, programs such as Emerge are called Batterer Intervention, but we try to be clear that this terminology does not speak to the services we provide.

The term “batterer” often has very negative connotations and is typically defined as someone who repeatedly physically abuses their partner. In fact, many people who have come to Emerge report that they have not been physically abusive, but have been quite emotionally, verbally or psychologically abusive. Despite the fact that these forms of abuse are not physical in nature, we challenge group members to recognize that they are still harmful and in fact can destroy relationships.

People coming to Emerge are asked to recognize how they have chosen such behavior as a pattern in their relationships and families and how those choices have harmed others.

Approximately 20% of clients at Emerge are self-referred, although we still see many people who are referred by the court systems or through child protective services (Department of Children and Families).

For more information, or to discuss any of these points, please contact our office by phone or e-mail, or come to one of our open orientation appointments, described under the “Enrolling at Emerge” tab to the right.